We peeked into the kitchen of one of the most beautiful rooftop restaurants and discovered which delicacies they prepare

Celebrating love every day, regardless of whether it’s the month of lovers or February 14, is truly an act of connection and care towards those we love. If you’re still looking for inspiration on where to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one, we bring you an interesting gastronomic experience with the signature of Chef Vilim Sikavica. We peeked behind the scenes of the Eateria restaurant and discovered the culinary magic they’re preparing for this Valentine’s Day.

For over three years now, at Eateria, love for food translates into incredible culinary creations. Every dish reveals a story of passion and exquisite skill. Their philosophy involves nurturing tradition, a creative and innovative approach, high-quality ingredients, elaborate cooking, thoughtfully curated wine selection, professional service, and produce from their own garden. However, one of the reasons guests keep coming back is the familial atmosphere and the spirit of camaraderie among the young team with an innate passion for cooking.

Our approach to culinary art is characterized by preserving the original, traditional flavors of the Croatian region through the application of modern cooking techniques. We have decided to return to our roots and revive authentic flavors from our childhood. We draw inspiration from memories of the scent of grandma’s kitchen, where freshly picked ingredients from our own garden created a unique dining experience. It is precisely this pure emotion that we want to convey to our guests, allowing them to experience each bite as a unique journey into the past, full of authentic flavors and nostalgic homeliness.

– emphasized Tena Majetić, founder of Eateria

Homemade pasta and cheese from their own workshop

The menu at Eateria presents a carefully curated selection inspired by a combination of French, Mediterranean, and continental cuisine. It stands out with a fair balance of fish and meat, as well as vegetarian and vegan options to satisfy even the most discerning palates. The choice of dishes is regularly refreshed with the introduction of new ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. In addition to à la carte options, Eateria also offers signature tasting menus in four, six, or eight courses, where guests can fully indulge in the chef’s culinary skills.

One such menu they are preparing for this Valentine’s Day. The culinary team, led by Vilim Sikavica, is preparing six courses for guests, which will encompass a diverse range of fish, shellfish, meat, seasonal vegetables, homemade pasta, and cheese. On Valentine’s evening, guests will enjoy crab, shellfish, and mollusk buzara, risotto and lamb ragu, veal steak, and intriguing desserts. The highlight of this menu is the homemade pasta and cheese. Specifically for this menu, they prepare pasta in the kitchen based on the traditional, original recipes of our grandmothers. Homemade cheese, which they have also recently started producing themselves, will be featured in desserts, in interesting combinations with strawberries and yogurt. However, the charm of such a tasting menu lies precisely in the surprises that the kitchen never fully reveals. Simply put, as they say at Eateria, they want to leave room for a personalized approach to ingredient selection, in order to consistently have the opportunity to delight the guest anew.

At Eateria, we believe that the presentation of a dish is equally as important as its taste. Therefore, the creation of each new dish begins with the rich creativity of the head chef, from the initial idea on paper to the anticipation of the right moment to present it to guests, often accompanied by surprises that are kept in the drawer until the serving moment.

– highlighted Tena Majetić

Wine pairing – the imperative for a complete culinary experience

Wine pairing at Eateria represents the art of matching wines with dishes, where each combination is carefully planned to highlight the unique flavors of both the food and the wine. Responsible for wine pairing is Boris Franetić, the service manager and sommelier. Franetić boasts an impressive array of qualifications, including ASI and WSET training. After ten years of experience in prestigious restaurants, Franetić joined the Eateria team in 2022, taking full responsibility for the wine list. Franetić follows the philosophy of creating a wine list that encompasses all regions of Croatia, with a special emphasis on indigenous and nearly forgotten grape varieties. In 2023, in addition to Croatian wines, he also included several foreign wines on the wine list.

Every season, with the change of the menu, we introduce new wines, creating interesting combinations of wine and food pairings. We are extremely dedicated to details. It is not uncommon for certain combinations to involve opening dozens of different labels to carefully select the one that perfectly complements each dish. Through thoughtful pairing, we explore a wide range of flavors, offering guests an unforgettable experience and a memorable sensation.

– emphasized Franetić

For a complete Valentine’s evening experience, musician Tena Vodopija will ensure the atmosphere, accompanied by pianist Vid Hribar. If you wish to celebrate love with an impressive city view, experience new flavors, and enjoy romantic music, secure your spot in time at info@eateriazagreb.com.

February 2024

Photo: Eateria / Sanja Jagatić