Our business consulting service offers a unique approach to planning, developing, and implementing communication strategies. The initial phase of our long-term collaboration involves Going Public Look and Feel analysis, where we meticulously examine the communication activities of your brand, product, or service. Through a discovery workshop, we identify your business goals, laying the foundation for shaping the communication direction, plans, and opportunities to strengthen the identity, image, and reputation of your brand. Based on these insights, we develop a concrete communication, content, and/or media plan that precisely outlines steps in future communication activities.

PR & Media Relations

Going Public approach to public relations represents a strategically directed communication of the brand with carefully selected target audiences. Based on a pre-designed communication plan, we identify key topics and shape the content of brand communication activities, while simultaneously determining target media. The implementation of the communication plan includes distributing content across various media platforms such as television, radio, print, and online portals. It also involves the long-term building of media relations through the creation of relevant media stories, editorial topic proposals, and the organization of interviews and reports to build credibility and maintain the brand’s continuous presence in the media.


We craft events that not only leave an impression but also contribute added value to your brand. Going Public approach begins with elaboration of the idea concept, developing a creative strategy, and carefully planning the scenography. We carefully address each element, including production, logistics, and program content. With our extensive experience in planning and organizing events, we ensure an outstanding experience for participants, providing significant visibility and positioning for your brand in the market.


Our education programs for enhancing communication skills are based on a scientific contribution to communication sciences and extensive experience in leading communication teams. Through Going Public programs, which include interactive workshops, training sessions, and seminars, participants have the opportunity to acquire fundamental communication skills through hands-on projects and real-life examples. Our ultimate goal is to equip participants with key skills for achieving communication success while contributing to the overall productivity of their organization.

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